Nueces de Calonge

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Cortijo Calonge, belonging to the International Nut Council, specializes in the planting, cultivation and harvesting of nuts from sustainable agriculture. They follow methods of growing nuts in a sustainable and traditional way to maintain all their nutritional properties. Located in the municipality of Palma del Río (Córdoba) and located on the Palma del Río – Lora del Río Confederation Highway, Km 13.5 to 1 Km from the settlement town “Calonge”, in the Vega del Guadalquivir region . It is an area well known for its fertile soils and its perfect climate for the cultivation of walnut and pecan, one could say that it is the California of Europe.

The plantation is respectful of the environment, meeting the criteria accepted throughout Europe in relation to food safety, sustainable production methods, welfare of workers and animals and the responsible use of water, seeking the correct growth of Walnuts and sin naturally and sustainably, getting completely natural nuts and with a unique flavor.