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The Peter Kölln company was founded in 1820 and is still 100% owned by the Kölln family, its seventh generation is currently at the head of the business. Kölln is one of the most famous food brands in Germany, committed to thorough processing of oats for almost 200 years. Around 60,000 tons of oats of Scandinavian and German origin are processed annually. The respect Kölln has for nature obliges them to manufacture their products by applying rigorous quality controls and never losing sight of our social responsibility. Therefore, they ensure that raw materials and resources are managed in a considerate and environmentally friendly manner. Its quality management system is certified according to the latest standards.

Kölln is moved by passion and love for oatmeal, that is reflected in each of his flakes. So much so that its consumers easily recognize Kölln flakes for their uniform appearance, without shells or impurities. And whether they are soft, strong or soluble: they are always integral flakes. The Kölln oatmeal is already part of the breakfasts of the Spanish who are already #Locosporlaavena.