FISAN was born in the Sanchez family, which since 1920 has been dedicated to the Iberian Acorn. Three generations have been able to adapt to the new needs of customers, while continuing to monitor the traditional part of the entire production process, from aging to curing, which defines the unique flavor of FISAN.

Located in Guijuelo, cradle of the best Iberian bellota for its unique geographical location that makes it perfect for the healing of ham, FISAN collaborates with great Spanish chefs to promote the use of acorn flavor in the High Gastronomy.

COMMUNICATION: Permanent press office

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EVENTS: Synergies with media, influencers, bloggers, digital media …

GASTRONOMIC FAIRS: Management of participation in important fairs of the gastronomy sector such as Madrid Fusión, ALimentaria, Tutto Food (milan), Anuga (Germany), Alimentaria and Horexpo (Portugal)